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Sirens of the Dark Sea

This short was written in February 2019. I was on a ship touring the Falkland Islands, South Georgia and Antarctica. A photo and writing contest was announced after 4 days at sea in hurricane force winds. I was getting a bit of cabin fever and the below story resulted. I did not win the context – and the winner was worthy.


Night darkness spreads across the sea. Merciless winds continue their wicked ways. The thunderclap of massive waves castigates the ship. Ice maintains its vigorous seize on the deck.

So many nights without stars. So many days without sun. No one knows our direction. No one knows our destination. Everyone has forgotten our objective.

I gaze into the blackness of the sea. Blacker than the dark cloudy sky. Blacker than the sky on a clear night.

From the darkness, the sea’s siren song rises and calls on me once again. Calls me to end the misery. Calls me to end my misery.

Unite with the sea. Unite with the darkness. Unite with the end.

I’ve heard this siren song for countless nights – but tonight, I hear nothing but purity in the enchantment.

Tonight is vibrant. Tonight is perfection. Tonight is time.

As my body pierces the water, the savage cold splinters through my body. My head explodes in agony. But my only emotion is relief – relief in surrendering. Surrendering to the siren’s enchantment. Surrendering to the sea of darkness.