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Phoebe and Hermes – and the Bed Monsters

When I lay in bed at night
I hear them creeping down below
Bed monsters lurking
I hear their footsteps
And sometimes a roar

Often they arrive early
Filling the shadows of my room

Other times they enter
at the deepest darkness of night
Sometimes there is just one
Other times many

Mom comes to take a look
Bed monsters hear moms coming and quickly scurry away
Bamboozled mom retires back to bed
And the bed monsters return to their creeping

Baffled I wonder who can protect me
I look to my stuffies in the stuffy sanctuary
My favorites – Blinky the Bear, Leonardo the Lion and Rufus the Whatever – volunteer to ease my trouble

Nighttime falls and the stuffies assume their positions under the bed
When the cantankerous bed monsters return
The stuffies flee back to the safety of the stuffy sanctuary
With Rufus the Whatever taking the lead

While I consider what to do next
Phoebe and Hermes – my stuffy monsters
Sashay to the front of the others
Enthusiastically volunteering for the night of protection

When the night is darkest the ruckus begins below
Phoebe and Hermes politely ask the bed monsters to leave
The bed monsters respond with a stuffy monster fur-raising shriek
Startled, Phoebe and Hermes wobble back home

In the morning recovery is quick
Phoebe and Hermes are ready to protect again
As nighttime arrives the clash begins
Each attacking different bed monsters as they emerge
Jabs to arms, pokes to eyes, even tickles to bellies
The bed monsters are just too big, too powerful, too grumpy

Phoebe and Hermes return to the stuffy sanctuary
Discuss tactics, make plans and gather advice from the others
Gus the Gasbag’s advice is no good
No one understands what Theodore the Thingamajig says
Rufus the Whatever just sits and listens
Quigley the Quiet tells Phoebe and Hermes a secret – a magic power each possess

As the darkness of night falls deeper
The bed monsters re-appear
Phoebe and Hermes take each other’s hands, quiet their minds, focus their hearts…

Bolts of pink lightning fire from Phoebe’s polka dotted horns
A thick blue laser blasts from Hermes striped tongue
The bed monsters flee in a flash

After I fall asleep content and happy
Phoebe and Hermes celebrate their triumph
Ransacking my room
Scattering blocks
Dumping laundry
Flinging books

I wake with Phoebe and Hermes snuggled with me
I notice the chaos of my room
The consequences of naughty stuffy monsters celebrating their victory

Phoebe and Hermes may drive me a bit bezerky
But now when I lay in bed at night
I hear no creeping with Phoebe and Hermes defending down below
The bed monsters are the ones now frightened