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Obituary – Invisibility Cloak

After asking a friend (name changed) what their desired superpower is, I created the below obituary.

Sunday New York Times Obituary

Jennifer Graham – Mysterious Inventor of Invisibility Cloak and Investigator of Humanity – Dies at the Young Age of 63

We don’t know much about Ms. Graham. We know more about what she did and a bit about what she discovered, though that story continues to reveal itself. What is evident is the breadth and fascinating life Ms. Graham lived these past 25 years. Never before has the entire A Section of the Sunday NYTs been dedicated to a single story – the largest top-secret treasure trove of information ever released publicly – all gathered by Ms. Graham throughout the world.

Little is know about how Ms. Graham created her inconceivable invention – something like an invisibility cloak – as she left definitive evidence of its existence but only tidbits about how it was discovered and produced. Initial investigations show the instructions on building the device were thoroughly destroyed – reminiscent of the many inventors of gunpowder too scared to share their technology due to the impact on society.

Ms. Graham’s extraordinary journal provides intricate details on how she used the cloak as a voyeur of regular people’s lives in the early years of her invention. Ms. Graham’s voyeurism led her to deep underground societies with disturbing levels of depravity, cruelty, and deception. What disturbed Ms. Graham more was the same levels of depravity outside these clandestine institutions and across most of general society – just slightly hidden from our day to day viewing.

Over time, Ms. Graham found another pursuit – the pursuit of truth and exposure of massive corruption, tremendous lies, and the unimaginable deceit from those in power. The revelations discovered will at least rattle and may break the foundations of the USA along with several other countries, the most powerful institutions in the world, and potentially the fundamental fabric of our society. The burden in collecting this information resulted in Ms. Graham’s progression towards obsession, depression and self-described insanity that ultimately led to the release of Ms. Graham’s findings and her suicide

The inspection of Ms. Graham’s apartment revealed an extensive collection of trinkets from her tenacious ability to go undetected in the world’s most secure locations. These locations included the Oval Office, the Kremlin, the CIA Director’s office, the NSA, the FBI, M5, M6, Mecca, the Vatican, the Secretary-General of the United Nations, the boardrooms of Google, Facebook, Monsanto, Goldman Sachs, the NASDAQ, the New York Times and the Bilderberg group. The chronicles of discussions held in these locations reach the level of even the most outlandish conspiracy theories on the Internet, all with film – not digital – photo evidence. The photos from secret jails, warzones, and other unknown torture facilities are heartbreaking. An inventory of these trinkets and many of the images can be found on

In her suicide letter, Ms. Graham stated, “The ability and obsession I’ve had for the past 25 has left me fatally discouraged inhumanity – to a point where life is no longer interesting. The burden of my secrets – really the secrets of others – has aged me beyond my years. It is now time to enter the next chapter of eternity.”

A memorial service was held yesterday in Missoula Montana. More than 25,000 people attended – most being new fans who never heard of Ms. Graham before her the big reveal several days ago. Though protests throughout the world have been extremely violent, the memorial – per Ms. Graham’s request – was peaceful.

What remains unclear is if Ms. Graham had many – if any friends – or if those friends would ever acknowledge their knowing Ms. Graham. Authorities and Special Operations forces are conducting worldwide manhunts for people who can provide additional information on Ms. Graham and the invisibility cloak.

Ms. Graham’s data gathering may ultimately deconstruct society, but her impact may result in her being our Person of the Decade – if not Century.

(note outside of the obituary – Jennifer gives the tech to her best friends so they can hide from the authorities and live in peace. None are ever discovered or captured. They all follow Jennifer’s instructions on how to destroy the cloak before their natural deaths. How they use the tech is for another story)