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Chapter 5

I sit on top of a short hill overlooking the field of grasses below. The dusk evening is bright orange – often considered beautiful – but tonight, the color is from a far more devastating source. Anger sits next to me – Rage is there too – and together, we just lit a ferocious fire. The fire started at my feet, and dry winds spread the fire quickly into the field of grass. It starts straight but spreads wider as it grows in an arc shape in front of us. I feel the heat of the fire and sweat starts dripping down my face – I don’t wipe my brow – I just let it accumulate.

The devastation increases as the fire grows. Animals hidden in the tall grasses are consumed as there is no escaping Anger. I can hear the sounds of their bodies sizzle and pop as they are burned alive. I can smell the stench of their scorched flesh. Their bodies petrified in char – their burnt faces looking away – not able to look at me – as they try to run – run away from me, Anger and Rage.

The wind swirls, sending the fire in all directions, circling the short hill. I watch the carnage – watch with Anger and Rage – as the fire increases speed, heat, and destruction. Behind the fire the grasses are burnt to the ground – leaving nothing but blackness and death.

The fire continues to seek as its lust for fuel is driven by Rage. The fire turns towards the hill where we sit. The heat becomes unbearable, but I do not move as I brought on this fire. I feel the fire consume me – I see the flames engulf me. I hear the hissing of my skin as it burns. I feel the boils of blisters grow and explode.

I brought on Anger. I brought on this devastation. I brought on the fire upon myself. I let Anger – I let Rage – I let fire destroy me. Like the animals – all that is left are the charred remains – the remains of my body, my heart, my soul, and my mind.