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Chapter 2

Today I sit in the field of grass under a tree. The tree is comfortable and familiar. The sun isn’t shining but the evening is a pleasant, cool temperature. There is nothing to watch in the field – no birds, no insects, no animals. The wind is just a slight breeze – tickling the tips of the grasses – and ever so slightly at the end of my nose – and the edge of my ears.

My companions have been with me since I sat down. Sadness to my right – Contentment to my left.

These two together seem odd – Sadness and Contentment. But Sadness seems to be a near-constant companion these days. Sadness wasn’t conjured by a loss, by an event, by anything. There’s nothing to fix and no timeline for Sadness to leave. The presence of Sadness is so familiar that Contentment joined. The two are symbiotic in my soul. I can sit in my field on a cool night with these companions for days on end.