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Chapter 1

I sit in the field – the field of grass – as I do so often. The clouds roll in as the sunlight fades into the evening. Today I detected the clouds a while ago – but do nothing to turn them away. The clouds are dark and thick but show no signs of violence.

As the clouds close their ranks, form a thick fog, and start to leer at me, my companion Morosity joins. The precipitation starts as a light mist, and it seems it won’t get any stronger.

Today is silent – no thunder, the raindrops too small to make any noise, and Morosity stays quiet.

Morosity and I decide to stroll through the large field of grass. The high grasses are wet and soak my pants – but I barely notice and don’t care. Morosity stays a couple of steps behind, but I always feel the presence. There isn’t anything to look at or ponder, so I just watch my feet as they cycle back and forth as I continue my walk. Morosity encourages tears – they may be falling from my eyes, but I really don’t know – the dampness on my face suppresses any tears. I see the clouds will linger for some time – so Morosity and I continue our lonely stroll for quite some time – while I stare at my feet.
I decide to lay down in the grass – tonight, that is where I will sleep. Morosity lays right on top

of me – though providing no warmth – no protection from the drizzly night – just a touch of weight on my soul. As I lay on my side, I finally detect a single tear emerging from each eye and absorbed by the moisture on my face. Before I fall asleep, I wonder if the sun will shine in the morning. It really doesn’t matter – tomorrow is a long night’s sleep away.